Chocolate Chip Cookies & Lemon Loaf

Choc Cip baked on pan

A few weeks ago I had no idea what a food blog was. I just happened to come across one while doing a Google search for how to bake a cupcake in a mug. I clicked on a website that happened to be a food blog. At first I sat in awe of the beautiful photos. The food looked like it could leap off the page. Then I read the blogger’s profile. What? She took these great pictures of what she had made herself! Then I looked around the rest of the site. The recipes were explained in detail and looked delicious. She included comments about herself and her travels. This was so much fun for me to read. There were ‘followers’ of this site listed at the bottom of the page so I clicked on one of their pictures. I was whisked away to their blog. Oh my! This was like discovering a treasure chest! Some of the cooking blogs had links to other cooking blogs. One after another I clicked away. They were all really good. I ended up spending a whole Saturday transported to another world.

Red Velvet Mummy Cupcakes with Velvety Cinnamon Frosting

Happy Halloween!! I thought I’d make some red velvet cupcakes for you. Since it’s almost Halloween I frosted them to look like mummies. This recipe is from the cookbook Baked by Lewis and Poliafito. It makes 24 cupcakes or 1-three layer eight inch cake. Soft gel paste food coloring is used to give a true vibrant red color. It’s also much easier to work with than liquid food coloring. I used AmeriColor “Red Red”. Here in Fresno CA you can purchase it at Creative Cakes. The frosting has a mild cinnamon taste that doesn’t overpower the flavor of the cupcake. What is it about red velvet cake that makes it so popular?

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Christmas Caramel Popcorn

Christmas Caramel Popcorn
Christmas Caramel Popcorn

Add a white and dark chocolate drizzle, some dried cranberries and pecans and you have caramel popcorn all dressed up and ready for Christmas. This recipe makes a lot of caramel corn. Give some away in a decorative tin or glass jar tied up with ribbon. Continue reading Christmas Caramel Popcorn