Crunchy Almond Biscotti recipe

The almond food which is formed whenever you squeeze the prepared almonds may be used in preparing food items like these types of biscotti! These are tasty as well as everyone in the house enjoyed them. Crunchy, lemon fragrant, almond-loaded, a nutritious temptation!1.Preheat the microwave oven to 375 degrees F ( 190 degrees C ) … [Read more…]

Recipe for caramel cake

Caramel cake may reduce a completely grown up adult to tears—and we do not mean completely happy tears, also. It is the icing , challenging which makes fiddly pastries .Caramel icing was made from little more than cooked sugars and also milk , but when it will come time to stretch it over the cake … [Read more…]

Sour cream coffee cake recipe

 Sour Cream Coffee Cake This is one of my most requested recipes. It’s yummy for breakfast or for a dessert when you don’t want the cake with frosting. Since this recipe makes a big coffee cake you’ll have plenty to share. Sometimes I use a rectangular pan to make this coffee cake and other times … [Read more…]

Salted Caramels recipe

Caramels This is my signature recipe. I make at least eight batches of caramels every year during the holidays. I always make some for Valentine’s Day and Easter. Then throughout the year for birthdays and special occasions.  Everyone loves these. The downside to this is that nobody wants to make them for themselves. Every time I … [Read more…]

Crunchy biscotti recipe

Crunchy biscotti recipe I have been baking biscotti for 25 years. It’s still my all-time favorite cookie. The dough takes just a few minutes to prepare. It’s the rest of the procedure that seems to take forever! I will try to fully explain every detail of the process for you. Plus there are endless variations … [Read more…]